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The CPG development portal of the TMF e.V.

The portal supports the internet-based development of CPGs. It results from a project organized by TMF e.V. . Now the portal is conducted by the Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin in the framework of the Competence Network 'Inflammatory Bowel Diseases' . The main focus is directed to the provision of tools for shared, group-based work.

Independent of a specific methodology, the CPG development is an evidence- and consensus-based group process, where a considerable number of participants with a very limited time budget have to cooperate from different places all over the world and for a long period.

This is the starting point of the CPG development portal, as it provides internet tools for numerous recurrent and quality-determining subprocesses. It is crucial, that the portal does not require a rigid workflow. It needs only few preconditions fulfilled by the specific development methodology.

The IT support pursues only three, but important aims:

Saving time

The supply of modern communication technology, a centralized working platform and automated voting tools reduces significantly the duration of a CPG development. The individual time and organizational effort of developers reduces substancially.

Simplifying work

In shared working areas, documents of general interest can be processed or exchanged within working groups or between all developers of a CPG. The portal is available around-the-clock from every place of the world with internet access.

Improving quality

Because of simple and easily accessible communication channels developers can better be involved into the consensus finding. Discussions about and histories of documents can be included into processes of consensus finding and development. Finally, all this improves the quality of the compiled CPG. Furthermore, the portal generates a great deal of documentation by the way.


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