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Main features of the CPG development portal

The range of services provided by the portal primarily includes the folowing areas:

  • Communication

Besides of supply of usual communication tools (forums, wikis, chats, mailing lists) the portal also supports the management of participant, workgroup and other important contact details.

  • Production

In the area of producing CPG content the portal supports the preparation, execution and evaluation of Delphi and other votings, the creation of harmonized glossaries, televotings during consensus conference and the shared handling of documents.

  • Information

Participants gain access to all relevant information via appointments and news functions, the supply of literature sources, related CPG texts, link lists and much more.

  • Documentation

All communication and production steps, relevant for documentation of development process and for decission making, can be recorded on the fly. The CPG and related documents can be archived for the next update cycle.

The following figure gives an overview of the services provided by the portal.

features of the portal



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